New soundtrack album by Hans Zimmer composed for a new X-Men movie directed by Simon Kinberg. Very energetic full of new innovative sounds, yet in a way very soft and touching. Again, Hans Zimmer suprises by his incredible amount of creativity and talent.

While I was listening to the first track titled ‘Gap’, a lot of things came to my mind. I heard Dunkirk, The Dark Knigh and even a bit of Inception. It’s a very intense song with not really too much of melodic tones, but more with that kind of aggressive synthetic rhythm, which slowly starts becoming Zimmer’s signature.

On the other hand, the mid section of the track ‘Frameshift’ is showing us the softer side of the noise which is eventually also escalating into the chaos of a very decent sounding synthesizers surrounded by some electronized kind of detunned orchestra creating very authentic and original sound for the film.


I was looking forward to be listenning the song ‘Intimate’, as it was very interesting for me to see that kind of title in such an aggresive and action sounding album so far. The track doesn’t really sound intimate at all. The noise is a bit quieter, but I don’t really feel any intimate emotions whatsoever. Although the ending of the song is very dynamic and has some amazing low ends!

Through the album, the patterns, melodies and instruments get to repeat themselves a lot. Track ‘Reckless’ is quite similar to the first track, but yet Hans manages to make it still interesting by adding more percussion instruments and finally some beautiful melody starting in the middle of the track by the typical Zimmer’s loud brass and later also choir.

The last track ‘Coda’ is just the ideal ending of the album. All the noise seems to be gone and we are left with the melody itself. Listening to it was just warming the cockles of my heart. The song is escalating beautifully into a peaceful end.We need more projects where Hans could show us this kind of style!